The IGIP Working Group “Teaching Best Practices“ will disseminate its activities among its members through the organization of discussion panels, workshops and “take-away” sessions within seminars and conferences with IGIP association. Every two years the WG will collect examples of work presented in these organized activities, and use them to form the basis for one iJEP section or one iJEP Issue.

Topics of interest

Sample topics of interest for the next two years include (but are not limited to):

  • Sample topics of interest for the next two years include (but are not limited to):
  • Shaping a deeper understanding of the contemporary teaching and learning process of teaching engineering and STEM;
  • Philosophy and basic principles of Engineering Pedagogy Science for effective teaching STEM;
  • Rethinking and analysis of effective teaching STEM;
  • Supporting students’ more effective and active learning;
  • Designing clear goals and learning outcomes for higher level thinking;
  • Taking account of students’ differences and prerequisites;
  • Selecting contemporary teaching methodology, models and strategies for effective teaching STEM;
  • Selecting suitable assessment and feedback methods;
  • Reflection on teaching and learning, designing teaching portfolio;
  • Engineering education outside the classroom;
  • Integrated, multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching;
  • Problem-based and project-based learning;
  • Group work, including team-based, collaborative and cooperative learning;
  • etc

The target group of the WG is considered to consist of STEM educators of high schools, colleges and universities and engineering educators interested in improving their teaching.

Applications should be oriented to STEM areas, including areas such as life sciences, mathematics and computer science, and engineering areas like mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, mechatronics, metrology etc, all focused on improving teaching and learning scenarios either in a variety of educational formats, formal and informal (including non-formal), local and distant.


  • Susan Zvacek


  • Tiia Rüütmann


  • Maria Teresa Restivo
  • Teresa Larkin
  • Alberto Cardoso
  • José Couto Marques
  • Hants Kipper

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Consultative Status with UNESCO

Consultative Status with UNESCO