Today, electronic games are more than just pastimes – they are platforms through which we experience virtual situations, try out strategies, and develop and simulate new ideas. Their wide range of engineering applications include automotive, aerospace and systems engineering, medicine, banking, management, and education.

IGIP Working Group GinEE focuses on discussing best practices and successful applications that aim at game-based learning and industry oriented game learning in the context of engineering education. Another objective is evaluating the efficacy of serious games in terms of enhancing learning and teaching during game play in the context of engineering education.

Topics of interest

  • applications of game-based learning
  • industry oriented game learning
  • games engineering
  • serious games
  • trends of game-based learning
  • storytelling
  • development of non-technical skills / meta-cognitive skills
  • simulation
  • learning scenarios based on virtual worlds
  • project based learning – capstone projects
  • game-based learning arrangements
  • tools for developing game-based learning applications
  • experience reports


  • Matthias C. Utesch, Chair for Information Systems, Technical University of Munich, Germany, utesch@in.tum.de



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Tiia Rüütmann
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IGIP General Secretary
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Consultative Status with UNESCO

Consultative Status with UNESCO