IGIP accredits training centers for "International Engineering Educators" which conforms to IGIP's curriculum for engineering pedagogy. These centres have to be reaccredited every five years. Follows a list of the current accredited IGIP Training Centers.

Ukrainian Engineering Pedagogics Academy
National Section IGIP Ukraine Secretary General
Kharkiv, Ukraine

Contact: Dr. Oleksandr Kupriyanov
E-mail: a_kupriyanov(at)uipa.edu.ua

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Czech Technical University in Prague, Masaryk Institute of Advanced Studies
Department of Pedagogical and Psychological Studies
Prague 6, Czech Republic

Contact: Dr. Pavel ANDRES
E-mail: pavel.andres(at)cvut.cz

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Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
Department of Civil Engineering
Porto, Portugal

Contact: Dr. José Manuel Mota Couto MARQUES
E-mail: jmarques(at)fe.up.pt

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TUD Institute for Further and Continuing Education
Dresden, Germany

Contact: Dr. Hanno HORTSCH
E-mail: hanno.hortsch(at)tu-dresden.de

Technical University of Košice
Department of Engineering Education
Kosice, Slovakia

Contact: Mrs. Mária BENKOVA
E-mail: maria.benkova(at)tuke.sk

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Pädagogische Hochschule Niederösterreich
Baden, Austria

Contact: Dr. Norbert KRAKER
E-mail: norbert.kraker(at)ph-noe.ac.at

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Contact: Dr. Lueny Morell
E-mail: innovahied(at)gmail.com

Samara National Research University
Samara, Russian Federation

Contact: Mrs. Maria G. Reznichenko
E-mail: rezmary(at)mail.ru

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Tallinn University of Technology
Estonian Centre for Engineering Pedagogy
Tallinn, Estonia

Contact: Dr. Tiia RÜÜTMANN
E-mail: tiia.ruutmann(at)ttu.ee

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MADI - Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University
Moscow, Russian Federation

Contact: Dr. Alexander SOLOVYEV
E-mail: soloviev(at)pre-admission.madi.ru

Baltic Fishing Fleet State Academy
Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

Contact: Dr. Mikhail Y. BOKAREV
E-mail: igipbaltkld(at)mail.ru

Karaganda State Technical University
Center of Engineering Pedagogy
Karaganda, Kazakhstan

Contact: Mrs. Galina Smirnova
E-mail: smirnova_gm(at)mail.ru

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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University
Kazakhstan Centre of European Instructors
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Contact: Mr. Marat Alimov
E-mail: alimov.igip(at)gmail.com

VSB-Technical University of Ostrava
Social Sciences
Ostrava Poruba, Czech Republic

Contact: Dr. Miroslava Miklosikova
E-mail: miroslava.miklosikova(at)vsb.cz

Technical University Liberec
Liberec, Czech Republic

Contact: Mrs. Marie Židů
E-mail: marie.zidu(at)tul.cz

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National Mining University
Department of Philosophy
Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Contact: Dr. Julia SHABANOVA
E-mail: jshabanova(at)ukr.net

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Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University
Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Contact: Dr. G. M. Romantsev
E-mail: romantse07(at)gmail.com

Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design
Bolshaya Morskaya 18
Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation

Contact: Dr. E.V. Tyurina
E-mail: tev(at)sutd.ru

Vedúca Centra pedagogiky a psychologického poradenstva
Nitra-Chrenová, Slovakia

Contact: Dr. Tímea Šeben Zaťková
E-mail: timea.zatkova(at)uniag.sk

IGIP Contact

IGIP President
Hanno Hortsch
M: president@igip.org
IGIP General Secretary
Michael E. Auer
M: gs@igip.org
F: +49 3212 1045 622

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Consultative Status with UNESCO